Data Analytics

Data Analytics & Visualization Consulting

Structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across internal business systems and external sources like social media, market data, and syndicated research are creating tremendous opportunities to create insights. However, many organizations are unable to harness the data to create insight, or to embed that insight into business processes to ensure smart decisions at scale.

Info Tree Technologies provides a range of analytics services, including outsourcing, from basic data management to sophisticated analytics consulting addressing proactive risk management, enhanced operational efficiency, ongoing market intelligence, and as a result, smarter decisions that drive cost reduction and revenue maximization.

ITT handles Data Warehouse projects starting with an ROI analysis to highlight the value of a Data Warehouse for a specific business. Upon management approval, business requirements phase begins, leading into a highly interactive and iterative development of a Data Warehouse with continual deliverables to and constant feedback from the end users. Info Tree Technologies has successfully implemented several large and medium scale Data Warehouses in different industries such as Telecommunications, Utilities, Search Engines, Internet Yellow Pages, Retail Software, Education, HealthCare, Finance, Customer Care and Transportation.

ITT's analytics and research practice, thanks to a distinctive approach to data-to-insight as well as insight-to-action enabled by a unique focus on business processes, has demonstrated measurable business impact to clients across its range of services data management, business intelligence and reporting, research, advanced predictive analytics services, and analytics consulting services.