Social Development Engineering

We pride ourselves to collaborate and team with development organizations to support their interventions in areas of Disaster Recovery, Rehabilitation, Socio-Economic Recovery, Sustainable Agriculture & Commerce and Health Improvements.

Our solution includes:

  • Customized Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Systems to effectively plan the project deliverables, track progress against defined indicators and report progress to declare project impact
  • Secure, flexible call center software platform and solutions that seamlessly integrate self-service applications, video capabilities and agent-assisted transactions
  • Mobile Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) solutions on cloud as well as in-house that are designed around flexibility and specific project process flows
  • Real-time reporting capabilities on the web and mobile platforms which includes canned reports, dashboards and easy to use interfaces
  • Quantitative & Qualitative data analytics, business intelligence and research methods around development data collected from the community
  • We supplement our IT infrastructure with on ground/on-field infrastructure and activation activities to disseminate the campaign across the entire target audience

Our goal is to provide complete solution delivery and ensure technology supplements for development projects and programs for communities/stakeholders

Our Development Engineering solutions are focused on the following principle(s):

  • Bring development work and technology together
  • Transparent, honest and clear deliverables that really show impact on the community
  • Provide Robust, scalable and dependable solutions that can be used anytime/anywhere/by anybody
  • And above all, Trust!