System Integration

When considering a service-oriented architecture, let us help you build an enterprise semantic model that is flexible and can handle your complex systems.

Our services provide a platform for time critical analytics that go beyond the everyday business intelligence dashboard to allow for real-time control decisions making and data stream processing with little or no latency.

Integrating systems is a challenging process that has the potential to create huge value for a business if handled correctly. From understanding the business needs to detailed data mapping and rules, our team members are experts at integration.

From integrating systems directly, such as operational systems into your ERP, to 3rd party solutions or creating an all up Enterprise Service Bus architecture, our team brings the right experience to the table.

Our System integration service offerings are:

  • Systems Integration Consulting Services
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Software Integration
  • Data Integration Services
  • Enterprise Information Integration
  • Legacy System Integration
  • SQL Server Consulting
  • Windows Server Consulting
  • Windows Azure Consulting
  • BizTalk Consulting
  • NET Consulting
  • SharePoint Integrations
  • Custom Application Development