Our Support solution provides 24x7 inbound and outbound call center operations with integrated IVR. Our Offerings :

Mobile Integrated Voice Recording (IVR) Solutions:

  • Fully customizable with any number of process flows
  • Available on all Telco providers
  • Multi-language support including regional languages
  • Backed by Secured and Fault-tolerant infrastructure that is available 24x7 365 days throughout the year with 0 downtime
  • Business Analytics and Reporting capability
  • Open Source Technology driven
  • Custom voice prompts recording included

Call Center Solutions:

  • Customized Inbound/Outbound Solutions available
  • Domestic and International Call Center options
  • Integrated with IVR Solutions for Live Customer Service Help Options
  • Available business hours or 24x7 365 days throughout the year
  • Skilled, Knowledgeable and Experienced Customer Care Professionals
  • Multilingual/bilingual support
  • CRM System data collection available
  • Business Analytics and Reporting on CRM data available thru Web Portals
  • Automatic Call back options available

Our goal is to add value to your organization.

Our Support solution is focused on the following aspects:

  • Utilize Mobile and Web based technology to gather community inputs and disseminate information quickly and efficiently
  • Customer Service help available to complement Services and Solutions Delivery